Vendors: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to join the SourceSeek network?

The first step is to register your team on our directory. Once your team is listed, it will be evaluated by our researchers and approved for inclusion in our database. We are constantly evaluating the global software market and reaching out to software teams as we grow our market in response to client demand. If your company profile fits current or predicted market need, we’ll reach out to learn more about your company and conduct further vetting.

Our vetting process involves a series of interviews, particular with company principals and leadership. Once the initial interviews are completed, we schedule a site visit so that we can visit your office and get to know the company better. A big part of our evaluation revolves around the company’s ability to attract and retain great software professionals in their market. We also strive to understand what kind of clients fit each company’s vision and will be most profitable and satisfying for a particular team.

Along the way, our research team investigates everything from company history to client testimonials.

Once we complete this process, we’ll work together to identify initial opportunities and deepen our relationship.

How do we pay the finders fee to SourceSeek?

We accept US checks, PayPal and bitcoin.

Is there is minimum or maximum length for written content submissions?

No. We will accept content of any length. However, content that is less than 500 words tends to be less useful and interesting for our audience. Generally speaking, long-form content is much preferred.

How do we get matched with clients?

When we see a great fit between a client and a vendor, we introduce the client and vendor via email and allow them to communicate as they see fit. SourceSeek is always available to help with any questions along the way, but clients and vendors communicate and collaborate directly with each other.

We know that handling inbound leads can be time consuming for vendors, so we work hard to only send well-matched leads to vendors. In addition, we avoid doing multiple introductions at the same time, and never introduce more than one company in the same city. Because our leads are highly qualified, our vendors see extremely high close rates and excellent client retention.

Who are your clients?

We attract a wide variety of clients, from bootstrapping startups to enterprise companies. For this reason, our network consists of software teams of all sizes. Our most common clients are funded startups that are either building a product from scratch or in growth mode, and more established clients who are looking for team augmentation.

How long is the approval process?

When a new software company registers at, our team conducts a basic approval process before the listing goes live. This process typically takes 30 days or less.

We are always expanding our network and will evaluate need teams that fit our near-term needs as needed. So, there is no set schedule for evaluating and on-boarding new teams. If SourceSeek is seeing strong demand for skills or other attributes that fit your company profile, we may contact you to begin further evaluation right away. If you don’t hear from us right away, don’t worry – we are constantly searching our database for new teams as market conditions change.

What is the cost of your services?

There are no upfront fees to join our network. We don’t charge for listing in our directory, collaborating on content, or for our evaluation process. We don’t charge for leads or introductions to potential clients,

We collect our finders fee from vendors only after a successful match has been made, and the software vendor is actually receiving revenue from the client. The fee varies depending the size of the project, ranging from a few hundred dollars for small projects to several thousand dollars for long projects with large teams.

Because the clients we bring to vendors are well matched, long-term engagements, our fees are easily covered through increased growth and profits. We never require any fees or commissions until both the client and vendor are satisfied.

I registered my company, but haven’t heard back. What is the status?

Each month, our team of researchers in Davao City, Philippines review hundreds of software companies from around the globe. The time frame for evaluations varies based on the volume of profiles were looking at as well as market conditions.

We don’t evaluate companies on a simple ‘yes or no’ basis. We look at each company for present and future potential, and several times a year we’ll reach out to a group of development teams because we’re seeing new market demand in a particular vertical or technology. This makes it hard for us to give companies a ‘status’ about their relationship with SourceSeek.

If you haven’t heard back from us, it simply means that we haven’t reviewed your profile yet or there is no market fit at this time. If you have a great company but we don’t have any demand right now, you’ll be placed on our ‘watch list’ – a collection of companies that we are impressed and will likely reach out to in the future.

We want new clients right away! Can we speed things up?

We are constantly expanding our vendor network and we are happy to short-list and collaborate with great software teams regardless of immediate need.

To develop a relationship with SourceSeek, we recommend:

  1. Complete your profile at, including as much detail as possible.
  2. Consider partnering with us to create quality content for our audience of software client decision makers and industry thought leaders. Our web traffic is highly targeted at the US and W. European markets, and our email list of 20,000+ will get your content directly in front of clients.

We interested in content of all types, so long as it’s informative and useful for clients. Blog posts or articles will may include a link to your website as well as an author bio. We also conduct video interviews with vendors about industry relevant topics and news.

If you have a great idea for a piece of content, or would like feedback regarding content collaboration, let us know what you have in mind!

Do I have to sign a legal agreement with SourceSeek?

No legal agreement is required to list your company in our database, collaborate on content, or begin our vetting process. We mutually sign a simple, 1-page legal agreement with every vendor before the first client introduction is made.

What Is the arrangement between SourceSeek and software companies?

SourceSeek uses a simple, easy to administer approach that is beneficial for both clients and vendors.

When we see a great fit between a potential client and one of our trusted vendors, we simply introduce the client to the vendor. It’s up to the vendor to build the relationship with the client and ideally begin the business relationship. We are always available to help if needed but vendors are in control of their sales process. If you begin an engagement with a client, you will handle all the contracts and paperwork as you ordinarily do.  We don’t act as middlemen in any way.

Once you are successfully working with the client and have begun to receive payments, we will collect our standard finders fee. All SourceSeek engagements are subject to the same fee, so there is an equal playing field for both clients and vendors. We all benefit from the client being matched with the vendor who will be most successful with them.

There is no investment or fee to work with SourceSeek, we choose vendors solely based on their qualifications and fit with our market needs.

Do you work with independent contractors?

No. We specialize in placing clients with software companies, not independent contractors.

What is the LeadCycle vendor affiliate program?

Every good software company has had to turn down a good client because their skills and experience simply weren’t the right fit. SourceSeek’s vendor affiliate program allows vendors to monetize those leads with virtually zero effort and no cost. If your company isn’t a great match for a particular client, let SourceSeek match them with a perfect-fit vendor from our network of proven vendors. We offer a no-nonsense, 50/50 revenue share on all finders fees.

Will you republish articles that are already posted on our website?

No, we only accept new, unpublished content.

However, if you have some great content on your website that you think our audience would love consider doing a video interview to discuss the topic. We’ll publish the video and will include a link to the written content on your website. This way, we can produce original content together but use your existing content as starting point.