Can Ukrainian Software Development Continue its Dominance?

For decades, India dominated the offshore software development industry. But, those days seem to be long-gone. Over the last several years,¬† Ukraine has staked its claim as the top choice of locations for outsourced software development. But this is a rapidly changing industry, and no one country can stay on top forever. Now, Ukrainian software development teams must ward off challengers from all across the globe — from India and other established players in Asia, to upstarts in lesser-known outsourcing strongholds like Costa Rica, Ghana, and Mexico.

While Ukrainian software development still enjoy a great respect across the outsourcing industry, the new competition can’t be ignored. We’ve heard from teams in the region that while business is still very strong, they’re paying more attention to competitors from other regions.

To get more insight into how increased competition may affect the Ukrainian software development market we traveled to the 2017 Outsourcing in Kyiv to discuss these questions and more. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Let us know what you think in the comment section. Do you think that the Ukrainian software development industry is at risk of losing key business to upstart regions? What countries do you think pose the greatest risk to Ukrainian software development  in terms of quality, speed, and value?

And make sure to check out the other videos posted from our recent trip to Kyiv:

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Dave Meyer

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