How SourceSeek Achieves 99% Client Satisfaction

SourceSeek’s founding team has decades of experience proving successful software outsourcing is possible. We know both sides of the industry, and have developed a business model that creates mutual benefit to all three parties involved: our clients (software buyers), our partners (software development teams), and us.

  • Clients love us because we connect them to a team that considers them a priority client which gets them the best resources and maximum effort.
  • Software teams love us because we bring them the exact type of clients they need to keep their team happy and motivated, and grow their companies.

Our Model

We provide a matching making service, free of charge, for both our clients and our trusted development partners. Only if the match is successful and the client and vendor are happy working together do we collect a finders fee from the software team. Our fee ranges from a few hundred dollars for small projects, up to a few thousand for large projects. We only collect a fee when a successful match is made, and we collect the same fee from all software teams. This ensures our only motivation is to create mutually beneficial relationships for our clients and partners.

This approach has lead to our industry-leading 99% customer satisfaction score.

99 %


Nearly all of our clients report that they are thrilled with the teams we connect them with.

90 %


During their first year, the majority of clients add more developers to their team.

95 %


Almost all clients are still with the team we introduced them to after 1 year.

Our approach to matchmaking leverages the fact that the remote software development is a two-sided market. You need two happy parties for successful software outsourcing. Clients often forget that while they are searching for the best remote team, teams all over the world are searching for perfect-fit client. They don’t want just ‘any client’ that has money to spend. To keep their team happy and their company growing, vendors need clients with whom they can be profitable and successful.
software outsourcing strategy
We maintain up-close, personal relationships with all of our development partners.  Therefore we know more about them than just what kind of software they build and what they’re good at. We know their vision, their roadmap, and what kind of clients they love the most. Not surprisingly, a software company’s favorite client is rarely the one that brings the most revenue. It’s the one that is profitable but also interesting, challenging. Software teams want clients the help their company grow and realize their own team’s mission. When we bring a client like that to a team, we can be certain that the team is going to do a fantastic job for that client.

Many clients forget that for most software companies, the  biggest challenge is to hire and retain great developers. If those developers aren’t doing work that they enjoy, they will either underperform or jump to another opportunity.  For example, a team that is focused on long, complex healthcare jobs might build a small mobile game to pay the bills.  But is that client going to be their top priority? Probably not.  But, we probably know a company that is perfectly suited for mobile game development and would have been thrilled with that client.

Successful Software Outsourcing

outsourcing business modelAt SourceSeek, there is no cookie-cutter approach or AI-driven lead matching service.  We work with each unique client to match them with a team that is going to consider them a priority client. We find a team that gives clients the attention they deserve. By visiting each vendor onsite and getting to know them, we know exactly what type of clients each company is looking for. There is no guess work here.  When we make an introduction, it’s a perfect match. That is how successful software outsourcing is born.