Need help choosing a topic to write or talk about it?

Here are some example topics to get you started.

Technologies, Practice Areas, or Verticals:

  • React Native: When is it the right choice?
  • When Django is the right (and wrong) stack to choose
  • Hire a dedicated DevOps person, or have all the developers contribute?
  • Outgrowing your e-commerce platform – how to avoid it
  • How to know if you’ll regret using Xamarin

Countries and Culture:

  • Time zones: How much overlap is enough?
  • Bridging the Culture gap between Russians and Americans
  • The 13th Month: How to manage your team in Philippines
  • How to sign a solid Contract with a Ukrainian Team

The Outsourcing Industry & Outsourcing In General

  • Why are Americans the best, and the worst clients?
  • Software companies that claim 10,000 projects completed: How can that be?
  • Pro’s & Con’s of Silicon Valley clients