Outsourcing Software to India

India has been around for a long time and has a mixed reputation for quality, but is still growing at an incredible rate and remains one of the most driving forces in the offshore software market. In this installment of SourceSeek’s country guide series, Dave talks about the reality of outsourcing software to India.

Without question, the value for money when outsourcing software to India can be very good, mostly due to the huge supply of developers which keeps prices down. However, while Indian programmers generally speak English, communications and cultural issues are commonplace and seem to be the cause of much of the frustration and apparent quality issues see when outsourcing software to India.

All things considered, India can be a reliable and high-quality provider of software if you know where to find the right team and how to manage them.

Dave Hecker

Co-Founder at SourceSeek at SourceSeek
Dave is a seasoned technology executive focused software delivery, quality, process, and helping clients succeed at international software outsourcing.