Outsourcing JavaScript

If you’re in the tech world you know that JavaScript is the big thing right now, and outsourcing JavaScript is no different.

The promise of a single language for both front-end and back-end work makes JavaScript an attractive proposition for both clients and software development teams. With a wide variety of front-end and back-end frameworks and JavaScript friendly databases, full-stack JavaScript applications are a reality and demand for JavaScript developers is at a record high.

But how is the tech world’s rekindled love of JavaScript impacting the offshore development market? SourceSeek has compiled data from thousands of development teams from across the globe, to provide you with detailed information to ensure you stay on top of the trends influencing the JavaScript landscape.

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This new white paper, updated for 2018, is packed with detailed pricing information, time composition, and trends for outsourcing both front and back-end JavaScript.

Key Highlights Include:

• The average rate for front-end JavaScript is $35.26/hr, up from $34.14/hr last year.
• Back-end JavaScript commands $37.60/hr., up sharply from $34.88/hr. last year.
• Offshore rates for both front-end and back-end JavaScript are above the average across all languages of $32/hr.
• The average JavaScript team has 9 years of experience, and nearly 40 developers.

outsourcing javascript

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Dave Meyer

Growth at SourceSeek
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