A perfect match in 3 easy steps

SourceSeek handpicks offshore development teams that are perfectly suited to our clients' specific project needs.
Drawing on our vast network of proven and reliable teams, we can typically match you within a few days,
and at no charge to you.

Step 1

Tell us about
your needs

Schedule a introductory phone call with SourceSeek so we can fully understand your project, budget, available resources, and goals. We want to understand your needs, and can answer any questions about our process or offshore development in general.

Step 2

We Handpick
Your Team

Sit back and let us do what we do best - finding a team that meets your exact needs. We'll identify and interview proven teams across our network to ensure we find the team that has the expertise and bandwidth you need.

Step 3

Connect With
Your Team

Once we've found the right team for your project, we'll introduce you to the team. You'll be able to speak to the team directly and decide if you want to proceed. If you do start working with your matched team, we'll do everything we can to ensure success.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Our service is entirely free to you. We get a finders fee from our development parters when we match them with a client. Our fee is the same for all of our development partners, so our only incentive is to find you a great team.

  • How do I communicate with my team?

    Communication preference is up to you. However our partners commonly use Slack, Skype and other collaboration services to connect with clients as frequently as needed. That can mean a few times per day, or as little as once a week for well-established relationships.

  • How can I ensure my project is a success?

    Project success comes down to clear goals, solid communication, and great teamwork. The developers on your team are sure to be top-level programmers, who can produce incredible software when given clear instructions and support.

  • Where will my team be located?

    We work with teams from all across the world. From Eastern Europe, to Asia, Africa, and South America, we are agnostic about where are partners are located. Every year we spend months traveling the globe to find and vet new partners.

  • What do I pay hourly for development?

    It depends on your budget and project needs. The average hourly rate is $31/hr, but can vary significantly from that based on your needs. If you're curious about what you're likely to pay, click here to download our 2018 pricing guide.

  • How long will it take to find a team?

    Typically it only takes us a few days to find you a team. We will discuss your project with a number of partners to find the best fit. Then, we introduce you to the team and you can connect directly to decide for yourself if you want to proceed.

  • Can you help make our project successful?

    We're always available to you if you have questions along the way. With decades of experience delivering software, we can usually help with any special challenges that come up.

  • Do I pay my team directly?

    Yes, you pay your team directly. SourceSeek does not do any payment processing.