Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions are answered here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll get you an answer asap.

General Questions

Can we execute an NDA before working with SourceSeek?

Absolutely. Feel free to send us your NDA or we can provide a mutual NDA for your review.

Can you help us with outsourcing strategy or planning?

Yes. With decades of experience involving thousands of projects, we can help with just about any software development challenge and can provide consulting or hands-on services as needed.

Do you help clients get the best rates for software services?

Yes, we constantly evaluate the global software market and collect pricing data to produce our annual software development pricing guide. So, we know how to ensure that clients aren’t paying too much for software services. In addition, we work hard to ensure that our clients are highly valued at the software companies we work with, which increases quality and ROI.

How does SourceSeek evaluate and approve vendors?

As market demand increases for a specific skillset or service offering, our researches evaluate the top regions where clients can obtain those service, keeping factors like cost, quality and convenience in mind. After targeting several regions and short-listing as many as 60 vendors in each region, the real work begins.

Our team starts the process by confirming basic attributes about each company such as history and background, ownership, and checking of references. This first step reduces the short-list yet further, allowing us to reach out to the remaining companies and schedule a series of online meetings. In these initial meetings, a heavy focus is placed on the company management, their vision and goals, and especially their ability to attract and retain great developers in the competitive software market.

The remaining companies are now scheduled for site-visits and in-person meetings. We travel to key outsourcing destinations on a regular basis, meeting our candidate teams and working to understand their passion, motivation, and top skills. This allows us to match them with clients fir their growth strategy and vision perfect, resulting in motivated developers and special attention from company leadership. A small pilot project is typically executed, and if successful we consider them to be a trusted, vetted participant in the SourceSeek network.

How long will it take to find a team?

Typically it only takes us a few days to find you a team. We will discuss your project with a number of partners to find the best fit. Then, we introduce you to the team and you can connect directly to decide for yourself if you want to proceed.

What is the fee for your services?

There is no cost to clients. When a match is successfully made, SourceSeek collects a finder’s fee directly from the development team. Learn more about our business model here.

Where will my team be located?

We work with teams from all across the world. From Eastern Europe, to Asia, Africa, and South America, we are agnostic about where are partners are located. Every year we spend months traveling the globe to find and vet new partners.

Why do SourceSeek clients get the best service from software teams?

Our clients are treated extremely well by the software teams we connect them to because of our approach to matching clients and vendors. Rather than matching based on skills and experience alone, we create mutually beneficial relationships where each client fits neatly into their software vendor’s long-term vision and growth strategy. The clients get the top developers and lots of attention from management because they are the exact type of client the vendor is good at satisfying, and is therefore profitable and investing in the relationship. When a truly mutually beneficial relationship is put together, everyone benefits.

Will I pay my remote software development team directly?

Yes, you pay your team directly. SourceSeek does not do any payment processing.