I registered my company, but haven’t heard back. What is the status?

Each month, our team of researchers in Davao City, Philippines review hundreds of software companies from around the globe. The time frame for evaluations varies based on the volume of profiles were looking at as well as market conditions.

We don’t evaluate companies on a simple ‘yes or no’ basis. We look at each company for present and future potential, and several times a year we’ll reach out to a group of development teams because we’re seeing new market demand in a particular vertical or technology. This makes it hard for us to give companies a ‘status’ about their relationship with SourceSeek.

If you haven’t heard back from us, it simply means that we haven’t reviewed your profile yet or there is no market fit at this time. If you have a great company but we don’t have any demand right now, you’ll be placed on our ‘watch list’ – a collection of companies that we are impressed and will likely reach out to in the future.