outsourcing to vietnam

Outsourcing Software to Vietnam

Vietnam has graduated from being an ‘up and coming’ software outsourcing destination, but it’s not nearly as mature as many locations in E. Europe or India. Still, Vietnam can be an excellent choice of destination for clients who are looking for great value.

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offshore development centers

Mastering the ODC: How to Make Your Offshore Development Center Work

ODCs can be incredibly cost-effective, as a company gets a dedicated team of software developers who are housed and supported by a legitimate overseas development shop. Whatever the technical stack, there are a large number of reputable agencies, around the world, from which to choose. SourceSeek can help you select an ODC from among our exclusive network of vetted development shops.

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Looking for the Best Offshore Developers? Match Your Tech Stack to the Right Region

If, for example, you are looking for enterprise development skills such as .Net, C#, or Java you’ll definitely want to stick to regions with a mature IT outsourcing industry, strong university system, and some big players who are already outsourcing there such as IBM or Microsoft. The simple reason is that good enterprise developers will usually need to learn the ropes from inside a big, stable firm rather than a startup or a boutique shop.

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how much to pay outsource software developers

The Perfect Client-Vendor Match: How Much to Pay for Software Developers

How much to pay for software developers varies dramatically from region-to-region, vendor-to- vendor, and even from individual vendors sometimes. Prices are frequently adjusted based on the perceived quality of the client, the expected difficulty in working with them, and other factors. A tech-savvy client with an interesting project may pay 30% less than a newbie client with a boring job.

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