Contracts with Russian Teams: Interview with Gene Taschkinov

Dave sat down with Gene Tashkinov (Silicon Gene) in Moscow recently for some perspective on how Russian software teams often interpret contracts differently than their US clients. When your Russian software team considers your agreement to be more of a guide than a formal contract, it can easily affect your project and your ongoing relationship with them.

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content marketing for software companies

Effective Content Marketing for Offshore software companies

We see a lot of teams trying to us use content marketing, but their content is overly self-serving – they offer advice on selecting a team or other blatant marketing efforts disguised as content. The right content is the useful material will actually help the client to solve a real problem rather than just try to win their business.

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software standup

Holding Agile Stand-Up Meetings with Offshore Teams

A winning approach to handle this is to have two meetings, one for each location, and then elect a person to act as liaison between the teams. This allows both teams to have the standup meeting on their own terms, at a convenient time, and realize the efficiency that standup meetings can bring. The liaison from both sides as tasked with making sure that everyone across the entire team is made aware of everyone’s progress and issues, if any.

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Offshore Software Outsourcing For Resellers & Agencies

Finding great offshore software outsourcing partner for agencies, software shops, and other resellers is one of the toughest challenges we face at SourceSeek. We refer to any client that will ultimately resell the work to their own clients a ‘reseller’. These clients are usually independent/freelance developers, small web shops, big software companies, or advertising/marketing shops

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