Ukrainian Software developers

How to Work With Ukrainian Software Developers

Ukrainian software developers are known to be some of the best in the world. At SourceSeek we have places clients with teams in Ukraine more times than we can count, and have had unbelievable success. But successful outsourcing is about more than just finding a great software team — so much relies on the relationship

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ukrainian software development

Can Ukrainian Software Development Continue its Dominance?

While India used to dominate the outsourcing business, the last several years have seen Ukraine claim the top choice of locations for outsourced software development. But Ukrainian software development must ward off challengers from all across the globe — from India and other established players in Asia, to upstarts lesser-known outsourcing strongholds like Costa Rica,

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outsource to ukraine

Is it Safe to Outsource to Ukraine?

Given the political turmoil that hit Ukraine in 2014, many clients have been wondering if it is a good idea for software development executives to outsource to Ukraine. Ukraine certainly has a reputation for producing some of the best software development teams in the world, but is there a risk in outsourcing to Ukraine despite

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Empowering Developers: The Software Estimation Hotseat

Software estimation is notoriously difficult. Developers loathe estimating because it puts them in a losing situation. If they underestimate a project, they risk an unhappy client or loss of profit. However, if they overestimate a project or add a bunch of ‘safety padding’ to the schedule, they run the risk of scaring off the client

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Contracts with Russian Teams: Interview with Gene Taschkinov

Dave sat down with Gene Tashkinov (Silicon Gene) in Moscow recently for some perspective on how Russian software teams often interpret contracts differently than their US clients. When your Russian software team considers your agreement to be more of a guide than a formal contract, it can easily affect your project and your ongoing relationship with them.

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