Reflections from Outsource People 2015 in Kyiv

Last weekend’s Outsource People 2015 conference in Kyiv was a winner. It was packed with great sessions, networking opportunities, and a fun time for everyone involved. This conference has grown considerably over the last couple of years and this year was no exception – a huge turnout and top-notch setting at the Ramada Encore Kyiv

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My 1 Week Crash Course on Punctuality in Ghana

There are many countries where starting meetings later than scheduled is the norm, and I expected more of the same when I first landed in Ghana. I quickly learned, though, that scheduling meetings and general punctuality in Ghana was more frustrating and difficult than anything I’d seen before. My first meeting in Accra was with

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Yet Another Startup Succeeds Using an Offshore Software Team

About 3 years ago SourceSeek introduced a startup client to a great offshore software team in Minsk, Belarus. The client was a well-funded startup out of Silicon Valley with great management and a fantastic product in the sports/gaming industry. They utilized the offshore programmers to help them build a very complex application using python, postgres,

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Is the Traditional Software Outsourcing Model at Risk?

Imagine what distributed software development would be like if everyone didn’t have good internet connections and webcams – that’s how it was just 10 or so years ago. These days, we have things like HipChat and Hangouts to help keep us integrated, just about anyone can get enough connectivity to use tools like that effectively .

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