Moldova: The Promised Land for Software Giants

There are great web development companies to be found all over Eastern Europe and Moldova is no exception.  SourceSeek recently began a relationship with a truly fantastic team of developers in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. We’ve found them to be as skilled and professional as any team around the world. But is Moldova primed

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Poland continues to deliver as a top IT outsourcing destination

Several times a year, SourceSeek travels the globe to search the world’s best software teams for our clients.  I just returned from Krakow, Poland where I scouted for new teams and once again found that Poland is a premiere destination for software outsourcing clients. Let’s get one thing out of the way – Poland is expensive

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Overdue Project: 4 Types of Contractors

It’s not a secret that any project may last longer than it was planned. And everything is quite simple if this is entirely your project: it is only you who should be blamed. But what will happen if it is your contractor who fails to deliver the project on time? The question becomes crucial when

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software standup

Holding Agile Stand-Up Meetings with Offshore Teams

A winning approach to handle this is to have two meetings, one for each location, and then elect a person to act as liaison between the teams. This allows both teams to have the standup meeting on their own terms, at a convenient time, and realize the efficiency that standup meetings can bring. The liaison from both sides as tasked with making sure that everyone across the entire team is made aware of everyone’s progress and issues, if any.

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