Does ‘Offshore’ Give Outsourcing a Bad Name?

Offshore tech is a ‘noisy’ space.  And while there are plenty of examples of offshore software success it would be fair to say that the failure rate is high. Many projects truly do degrade into a spectacular (and expensive) train wreck. So, it’s not surprising that the term ‘offshore outsourcing’ has taken a beating over

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How To Be A Successful Outsourcing Client

The best way to ensure your outsourced software project is successful is simple: be a good client. If you can, be the best outsourcing client your offshore development team works with. Why? Most service companies make lists of their clients, from best to worst, and offshore teams are no different. It may seem a bit

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What Type of Software Development Client Are You?

Successful offshore software development is all about match making. Identify a development team that meets the expectations and needs of the client, and vice-versa. It’s all about alignment. In our last post we discussed the pros and cons of different types of offshore software development teams, but that is only half the equation. For a

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Finding a Great Offshore Software Company

If you’re new to offshore development, the task of researching and vetting an offshore software company can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. In reality, successful offshore development projects only require two tasks: ¬†understanding the types of offshore software companies, and understanding the type of client you are. If you know those two

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Agile teams

Overcome the Challenges of Remote Teams with Agile Learning

Agile learning is based on the Scrum project management methodology and essentially provides an iterative process for managing learning and professional development. It allows for more structure in defining performance metrics and employee involvement while offering the required flexibility to prioritize learning based on employee needs and company requirements.

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