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156,000 Reasons to Learn to Code: Average SF Tech Salaries up 19%

VentureBeat is reporting an increase of almost 20% for tech salaries in San Francisco in 2013, to just more than $156,000 annually. And while IT salaries increased “only” 8% in Silicon Valley, the average annual wage was almost – wait for it – $200,000. Detroit and New York are starting from much lower bases but both cities are also seeing near-double-digit growth.

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How We Find the Best Bitcoin Developers in the World

If a company says they are working hard to build a competency in a newish technology like Bitcoin, we still need to confirm that they have the structure and skills to do so. Working with new technologies requires that a company has the culture and management needed to attract and retain the type of developers who fit the bill. Also, projects using skills like Bitcoin frequently come with security and other operational requirements, so we’ll confirm that the company is extremely stable in regard to operations, human resources, infrastructure, and leadership.

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Dice Survey Shows Record Dev Bonuses, Hiring

While it’s been no secret that IT hiring has entered hyperdrive – unemployment was as low as 2.3 percent in Q1, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – has just published a new survey with some eye-watering numbers: Bonus pools that approach executive levels – 20% to 30% – are being established, even as base salaries approach the $100,000 level and top talent is nabbing 7-figure salaries.

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Software Developers to Remain Scarce

It’s no secret that IT professionals are enjoying a stunning demand for their services. The question foremost on IT managers’ minds, though, is how high software developers’ salaries can rise, and continue to put pressure on budgets, product launches, staff turnover, and even the the bottom line.

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