outsourcing to india

Outsourcing Software to India

India has been around for a long time and has a mixed reputation for quality, but is still growing at an incredible rate and remains one of the most driving forces in the offshore software market. In this installment of SourceSeek’s country guide series, Dave talks about the reality of outsourcing software to India.

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umair shahid

Software Outsourcing to Pakistan – with Umair Shahid

Right or wrong, when most Americans think of Pakistan, images of war, terrorism, and remote mountain villages come to mind. But there is a different side to Pakistan – a more modern side where the infrastrucure is stable and a fast maturing IT industry is gaining recognition. Software outsourcing to Pakistan has become a viable option.

Today I’m joined by Umair Shahid from Stormatics in Islamabad, Pakistan. Umair will be sharing his insights on the Pakistani IT world, and how Pakistani companies overcome their country’s reputation when doing business with the West.

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outsourcing to vietnam

Outsourcing Software to Vietnam

Vietnam has graduated from being an ‘up and coming’ software outsourcing destination, but it’s not nearly as mature as many locations in E. Europe or India. Still, Vietnam can be an excellent choice of destination for clients who are looking for great value.

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find outsourcing team

How Do I Find an Outsourcing Company?

Imagine how much easier it will be to find the right company once you create a profile for the company that you are actually looking for. By narrowing your scope, then evaluating vendors it will also help with things like price comparisons as you’ll be doing more of an apples to apples comparison in a noise marketplace.

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Poland Is Outsourcing Heaven For U.S. Startups: Here’s Why

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of visiting several Polish software development companies, and I was impressed with what I found. We do a good job pre-vetting development teams before we do a site-visit, so I wasn’t surprised that the teams were skilled, stable, and well-managed. What did strike me was the degree to which Polish culture and history have come together to make Poland a perfect place for U.S. startups to outsource their development.

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