Agile Development Sucks; Long Live Agile

I think that 90% of what’s grown up around Agile is total bullshit. Call it the Agile-verse. The Agile-verse includes all the Agile consultants, books, keynote speeches, events, conferences, and the endless list of Agile-centric processes that people keep inventing. It’s just too much. It’s even become fashionable to blog about the Agile bullshit carnival, or how Agile is a scam

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Don’t Be Mislead: How to Interpret a Code Review

Code reviews are only useful if the context of the development is understood; otherwise they’re almost useless. When a code review comes your way, be sure to consider what was going on when the developer wrote the code. Consider how useful a code review would be in these two circumstances:

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race horses

Increase Your Software Team Motivation in Just 10 Minutes

At SourceSeek we’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to be an offsite developer. Not surprisingly, the most common complaint from offsite developers – and the farther away, the worse it gets – is that they feel detached from the internal team, leading to malaise and eventually lower output. Software team motivation can be

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salary and hiring outlook

Software Developers to Remain Scarce

It’s no secret that IT professionals are enjoying a stunning demand for their services. The question foremost on IT managers’ minds, though, is how high software developers’ salaries can rise, and continue to put pressure on budgets, product launches, staff turnover, and even the the bottom line.

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