Fixed Price Agile Is for Suckers. Don’t Be a Sucker.

I’ve come to accept that most software shops now claim to be ‘agile’ whether they are or not.  Many of them think that agile just means ‘being flexible’ but in reality, they do everything using the old-fashioned waterfall approach. I can accept that, but when vendors start offering clients ‘fixed price agile services’, and promising the flexibility

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I’m Outsourcing Development for My MVP, How Do I Code Review and Audit the Quality?

If you want to get a code review done it’s usually a simple matter of identifying the appropriate developer and paying them to do it – usually a basic code review for a small application like an MVP can be done in 2 or 3 hours. You might invest a few hundred bucks into this for great domestic developer that you could probably find on craigslist, or less for an top-shelf Elancer type developer.

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Mastering the ODC: How to Make Your Offshore Development Center Work

ODCs can be incredibly cost-effective, as a company gets a dedicated team of software developers who are housed and supported by a legitimate overseas development shop. Whatever the technical stack, there are a large number of reputable agencies, around the world, from which to choose. SourceSeek can help you select an ODC from among our exclusive network of vetted development shops.

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