switching software teams

Switching to a New Software Team? Read This!

A large percentage of our clients are frustrated with their software team and are hoping to find a better one. We can always find them a great team to start working with, but there is still the matter of transitioning to the new team without undue drama, expense, or stress.

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legal issue offshore development

Legal Concerns and the Offshore Software Contract

Every client who is considering offshore software development should be concerned about the legal issues associated with doing international business, and the reality of what a software contract can really do for you. A big worry for clients is that the software company will steal their idea and develop it on their own. In practice,

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growing an offshore development team quickly

Growing an Offshore Software Development Team Quickly

In this video, Dave talks about the best way to expand your offshore software development team by engaging the team lead and partnering with them to guide the team growth. The team lead has the most visibility into the dynamics, personalities, and productivity of the team. Therefore, you can expect that he or she will be the most able to support your decisions but also keep things on track. It’s critical to let the team lead have input on when and how to add new members to the team.

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Dealing with Legacy Code (but Don’t Call It That)

It’s not always a good idea to label a customer’s codebase ‘legacy code’. Experienced managers tell us that the tem “legacy code” has negative connotation, so it’s better to call it something like “existing codebase”. Frankly, I’m not sure that “legacy code” has negative context in the eyes of the code owner or not. But

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