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156,000 Reasons to Learn to Code: Average SF Tech Salaries up 19%

VentureBeat is reporting an increase of almost 20% for tech salaries in San Francisco in 2013, to just more than $156,000 annually. And while IT salaries increased “only” 8% in Silicon Valley, the average annual wage was almost – wait for it – $200,000. Detroit and New York are starting from much lower bases but both cities are also seeing near-double-digit growth.

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Just Released: 2014 Market Pricing Guide

We’ve just released our Offshore Software Development 2014 Market Pricing Guide. It’s for IT professionals who need the most recent, unbiased pricing information for developing software around the world. Our guide provides breakdowns for the most common IT categories of software vendors, regional examples, and tips for finding your ideal vendor type and succeeding with offshoring software development.You

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