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An Insider’s Guide to the Software Outsourcing Industry

SourceSeek is pleased to release the latest edition of Decoded: An Insider’s Guide to the Software Outsourcing Industry. This report leverages information from SourceSeek’s ever-expanding network of experienced offshore development teams to understand industry trends, and help inform offshore clients and vendors alike. As you’ll see below, the offshore software industry, much like the rest

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software estimate

How To Create an Accurate Software Estimate

I was recently asked if I could provide “some figures” by a prospective client. He had sent us a 100-page brief with a bunch of graphics and absolutely no instructions regarding architecture.  It was Friday afternoon, he wanted a proposal by Monday morning. Not exactly ideal conditions for providing an accurate software estimate.  Knowing it

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online gambling

How to build a gambling website?

The online gaming and gambling industry is ripe and striving. In fact, there might be no better time than now. However, before you consider creating a betting website or hiring a gambling website development company to do the job for you, you should familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of the industry, especially when it comes to legal matters.

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I’m Flattered! Now Stop Stealing My Content!

Imagine my shock and disappointment when I opened my inbox this morning and experienced the blatant and unabashed plagiarism that was committed by Capital Numbers, an Indian software company who stole our pricing guide and is promoting it as their own.

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Fixed Price Agile Is for Suckers. Don’t Be a Sucker.

I’ve come to accept that most software shops now claim to be ‘agile’ whether they are or not.  Many of them think that agile just means ‘being flexible’ but in reality, they do everything using the old-fashioned waterfall approach. I can accept that, but when vendors start offering clients ‘fixed price agile services’, and promising the flexibility

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