vadmi kondratiev

The Art of Software Estimation with Vadim Kondratiev

Even the most carefully prepared estimates are subject to Murphy’s law and the unexpected. Clients need a deserve the best estimate possible, but both clients and vendors need to keep in mind that an estimate is just an estimate, and be prepared for adjustments down the road.

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belarus interview

Belarus Is a Hot IT Destination – with Vasili Yavorchuk

The secret is out software development in Belarus More and more clients know that software development companies in Belarus are producing quality code, are reliable and are easy to work with. So, what is it that makes Belarus so successful while other countries struggle to break through quality, culture, and language barriers. Vasili Yavorchuk is the

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umair shahid

Software Outsourcing to Pakistan – with Umair Shahid

Right or wrong, when most Americans think of Pakistan, images of war, terrorism, and remote mountain villages come to mind. But there is a different side to Pakistan – a more modern side where the infrastrucure is stable and a fast maturing IT industry is gaining recognition. Software outsourcing to Pakistan has become a viable option.

Today I’m joined by Umair Shahid from Stormatics in Islamabad, Pakistan. Umair will be sharing his insights on the Pakistani IT world, and how Pakistani companies overcome their country’s reputation when doing business with the West.

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