umair shahid

Software Outsourcing to Pakistan – with Umair Shahid

Right or wrong, when most Americans think of Pakistan, images of war, terrorism, and remote mountain villages come to mind. But there is a different side to Pakistan – a more modern side where the infrastrucure is stable and a fast maturing IT industry is gaining recognition. Software outsourcing to Pakistan has become a viable option.

Today I’m joined by Umair Shahid from Stormatics¬†in Islamabad, Pakistan. Umair will be sharing his insights on the Pakistani IT world, and how Pakistani companies overcome their country’s reputation when doing business with the West.

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Outsourced WordPress Developers: An Interview with Dan Norris

Finding great Wordpress developers is notoriously difficult, but Dan Norris of has found a consistent way to identify and retain great overseas developers. provides wordpress services at great rates by leveraging these overseas developers.Today Dan & Dave discuss tips for finding, managing and retaining the best wordpress developers overseas.

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