Python vs Java: Battle of the Best

Modern enterprises and software developers are increasingly ‘polyglot’ – proficient in more programming languages & libraries than ever before. In the last decade, there has been an explosion in the number of programming languages with that a developer is likely to use on a daily basis. Python and Java are established, robust professional programming languages

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10 Reasons to Use Flutter for Your Next Big Mobile Project

INTRODUCTION Since its official release in December 2018, Flutter has been taking the mobile development community by storm. While watching the stunning Flutter Live ’18 launch event, we had this one crazy idea. Our team @ Innuva IT Solutions was tasked with building quite a large mobile solution (40+ screens) for the largest church community

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American Software Clients

Are Americans the Best Software Development Clients?

At SourceSeek we often talk about how successful outsourcing is a two-way street. Finding a great software development team is important, but great outcomes only occur when those teams work with great clients. And while there always seems to be a debate about what country produces the best offshore software development teams, we rarely hear which

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Contracts with Russian Teams: Interview with Gene Taschkinov

Dave sat down with Gene Tashkinov (Silicon Gene) in Moscow recently for some perspective on how Russian software teams often interpret contracts differently than their US clients. When your Russian software team considers your agreement to be more of a guide than a formal contract, it can easily affect your project and your ongoing relationship with them.

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vadmi kondratiev

The Art of Software Estimation with Vadim Kondratiev

Even the most carefully prepared estimates are subject to Murphy’s law and the unexpected. Clients need a deserve the best estimate possible, but both clients and vendors need to keep in mind that an estimate is just an estimate, and be prepared for adjustments down the road.

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