Matching A Bootstrapped Startup With An Expert Django Team

The Problem

TrackPack was a bootstrapped construction startup working on a budget. They’d already spent a lot of time and money hiring developers through UpWork and now needed a stable, professional Django/Python team to make their application into a full release – and begin building new features.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

They came to us for expert advice on how to spend their software development budget more effectively.

Making The Match

We matched them with a productive, highly-skilled Django team based in Eastern Europe. This team had worked successfully with several early stage startups in the past – making them a perfect fit for TrackPack.

The team quickly assessed the code and recommended a plan of action to get the product to market quickly; getting TrackPack into a release-ready state – while cleaning up the code and rolling out new features.


  • A vendor that truly understood the needs of bootstrapped startups
  • Cost savings of 60%
  • Engineers producing code in 2 weeks
  • Top quality code


  • python
  • Django
  • postgres db

Very good team, great communication, organized, and top notch programmers. After 8 years of outsourcing projects, I finally found the team that I've been searching for.

greg berry
Greg Berry
Founder, Trackpack Software

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