A single source for top quality engineers and rapid ramp up for growing startup

The Problem

Convene operates a network of hospitality-driven locations in Class A office buildings across major U.S. cities. Newly funded with an aggressive product development roadmap, Convene needed to expand quickly but with a wide variety of skills and experience needed for the team, they were struggling against the expensive and competitive NYC IT marketplace.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

We connected Convene with a trusted partner that was big enough to offer a variety of skills but also had the strong process and management skills needed to keep productivity high in a diverse team with multiple projects. Progress on the roadmap increased dramatically as the team ramped up and started producing in a matter of days. The team successfully released a series of web and mobile apps, and continues to provide top quality services for Convene.


  • Cost savings of 60% compared to NY-based engineers
  • Engineers assigned and producing code in approximately 2 weeks
  • Single source provides wide variety of developer skills
  • Top quality code


Frontend: React.js, Redux
Backend: Node.js/Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize
Mobile: Swift, Alamofire, RxSwift, RxCocoa, MVVM, SwiftyJSON, Fastlane, Stripe, iBeacon

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