A high-performing, self-managed team of developers, QA, and DevOps in less than a month

The Problem

Clickatell is a leading provider of enterprise messaging and transaction services. The internal team was under tremendous and needed to expand quickly – a real challenge in Silicon Valley. Like many fast-growth companies, their product owners and managers were also stretched, so Clickatell needed not only needed more developers but also effective product owners to manage the developers, DevOps, and QA professionals to make a self-managed team.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

We did a review of how Clickatell worked internally to get an understanding of what kind of PM’s and product managers would best integrate with the internal team. We introduced them to one of our trusted partners that had top-notch developers but was small enough to provide personal attention and flexibility. This allowed Clickatell to establish an offshore development center that seamlessly integrated into their team.


  • Team deployed in just 2 weeks, and grown to 30+ in 6 months
  • Savings of 60% vs domestic engineers
  • A dedicated office with security and VPN connectivity was created, and all workflow and processes were adapted integrate with client’s team
  • High performing¬† developers were matched with product managers and owners for total product ownership by the team
  • Single source vendor handles taxes, vacation, benefits, and ongoing recruitment as the team grows


Python, Redis, Cassadra, React.js

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