Expanding An In-House Team For Additional Development Capacity

The Problem

Clickatell is a leading provider of enterprise messaging and transaction services. The internal team was under tremendous pressure and needed to expand quickly – a real challenge in Silicon Valley.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

Clickatell needed more developers – as well as effective product owners to manage a team of professionals as they transitioned into a self-managed outfit.

Making The Match

We reviewed how Clickatell’s in-house development team worked to better understand which project and product managers would be the best fit for them.

With this knowledge, we quickly matched them with a small, trusted development company that could provide both personal attention and flexibility – a high-performing, autonomous team of developers, QAs, and DevOps professionals.


  • Team deployed in just 2 weeks – grew to 30+ employees in just 6 months
  • Savings of 60%
  • A dedicated office with security and VPN connectivity
  • All workflow and processes adapted to match the client’s team
  • High performing developers were matched with product managers and owners for total product team ownership
  • Single source vendor handles taxes, vacation, benefits, and ongoing recruitment as the team grows


  • python
  • Cassandra
  • Redis
  • React.js

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