Updating A Legacy ERP System In An Agile Way With Multiple Stakeholders

The Problem

Axiom Medical – a specialist in comprehensive case management and immediate intervention solution for work-related injuries – was experiencing steady growth, but constrained by a legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

Axiom came to us as they faced a complex migration, transition, and change management effort – in addition to the creation of a new system. They also had multiple stakeholders involved in the project, and needed a team that were able to keep them updated.

Making The Match

After creating a detailed development roadmap, we connected Axiom to a trusted partner with strong communication skills, and experience working iteratively and engaging with long, complex design processes.


  • Cost savings of 50%
  • Full team in place in just 4 weeks
  • Team excelled in iterative design, migration, and agile communication
  • Application and migration designed and implemented concurrently
  • Top quality code


  • .Net
  • C#
  • Azure
  • SQL Server

The team is just fantastic and as you predicted, quite accommodating in terms of openness to changes.

Brian Berry
Software Development Manager, Axiom Medical, LLC

Need a team that’s as good at communicating as it is at coding?