A multi-discipline team was needed to design and build new ERP system and migrate a large user base from the legacy system

The Problem

Axiom Medical provides comprehensive case management and immediate intervention solution for work-related injuries. The were experiencing steady growth, but were constrained by a legacy ERP system originally designed in MS Access. Because the legacy system was integrated into nearly all business processes, a complex migration, transition, and change management effort was needed in addition to the design and creation of the new system.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

We started by working with Axiom to create a detailed roadmap for the development and migration to the new system. The new system was to be designed using an iterative process with multiple stakeholders, so we knew the right team needed to have both strong communication skills and the steadiness and patience to work through all the workflows and iterate the design into a world-class system. We connected Axiom to a trusted partner who had experience working through long, complex design processes with clients and had developers that were expert that type of work.


  • Chosen team had strong skills in iterative design, migration, and agile communication
  • Was able to design and implement application and migration concurrently
  • Top quality code
  • Full team in place in approximately 4 weeks
  • Cost savings of 60% compared to domestic software engineers

The team is just fantastic and as you predicted, quite accommodating in terms of openness to changes.

Brian Berry
Software Development Manager, Axiom Medical, LLC

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