Replacing an unproductive team with a high-performing, self-managed team

The Problem

AgilQuest delivers workspace and conference room scheduling software solutions for the modern workplace. They had solid workflow and software development processes, but their outsourcing partner insisted on providing their own project management, which lowered efficiency and made communication cumbersome. They were frustrated with the progress and came to SourceSeek in hopes of finding a new, more effective partner with a more communicative and agile approach.

Why They Contacted SourceSeek

Agilquest needed a team that would seamlessly integrate into their existing process. We introduced them to a trusted partner that specialized in team augmentation, and had developers that were highly accustomed to teaming with clients and becoming a real part of their team. Instead of communicating through an unnecessary management layer, the new developers began attending stand-ups and meetings with the rest of the team. Within weeks, the new team was making substantial contributions to Agilquest’s core SaaS product, took total ownership of several mobile apps, and because an integral part of their internal team.


  • Engineers fully integrated into the existing team
  • Cost savings of 60% compared to domestic software engineers
  • Engineers assigned and producing code in approximately 3 weeks
  • Strong communication and organization reduces management overhead
  • Top quality code


Java, .Net, React.js, Swift

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