How We Find the Best Bitcoin Developers in the World

If a company says they are working hard to build a competency in a newish technology like Bitcoin, we still need to confirm that they have the structure and skills to do so. Working with new technologies requires that a company has the culture and management needed to attract and retain the type of developers who fit the bill. Also, projects using skills like Bitcoin frequently come with security and other operational requirements, so we’ll confirm that the company is extremely stable in regard to operations, human resources, infrastructure, and leadership.

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offshore pricing guide

Just Released: 2014 Market Pricing Guide

We’ve just released our Offshore Software Development 2014 Market Pricing Guide. It’s for IT professionals who need the most recent, unbiased pricing information for developing software around the world. Our guide provides breakdowns for the most common IT categories of software vendors, regional examples, and tips for finding your ideal vendor type and succeeding with offshoring software development.You

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rock dude

Dice Survey Shows Record Dev Bonuses, Hiring

While it’s been no secret that IT hiring has entered hyperdrive – unemployment was as low as 2.3 percent in Q1, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – has just published a new survey with some eye-watering numbers: Bonus pools that approach executive levels – 20% to 30% – are being established, even as base salaries approach the $100,000 level and top talent is nabbing 7-figure salaries.

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Agile Development Sucks; Long Live Agile

I think that 90% of what’s grown up around Agile is total bullshit. Call it the Agile-verse. The Agile-verse includes all the Agile consultants, books, keynote speeches, events, conferences, and the endless list of Agile-centric processes that people keep inventing. It’s just too much. It’s even become fashionable to blog about the Agile bullshit carnival, or how Agile is a scam

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Don’t Be Mislead: How to Interpret a Code Review

Code reviews are only useful if the context of the development is understood; otherwise they’re almost useless. When a code review comes your way, be sure to consider what was going on when the developer wrote the code. Consider how useful a code review would be in these two circumstances:

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