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2017 Global Software Services Report

SourceSeek is very excited to announce our first ever Software Outsourcing Guide, which you can download here. We polled hundreds of the top offshore development teams from across the globe, to learn more about key trends in pricing, technological specialties, and team dynamics. We analyzed the results and produced a 17 page report to help

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American Software Clients

Are Americans the Best Software Development Clients?

At SourceSeek we often talk about how successful outsourcing is a two-way street. Finding a great software development team is important, but great outcomes only occur when those teams work with great clients. And while there always seems to be a debate about what country produces the best offshore software development teams, we rarely hear which

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Does ‘Offshore’ Give Outsourcing a Bad Name?

Offshore tech is a ‘noisy’ space, and while there are plenty of examples of offshore software success it would be fair to say that the failure rate is high. With so many projects degrading into a spectacular (and expensive) train wreck, it’s not surprising that the term ‘offshore outsourcing’ has taken a beating over the

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How To Be A Successful Outsourcing Client

The best way to ensure your outsourced software project is successful is simple: be a good client. If you can, be the best outsourcing client your offshore development team works with. Why? Most service companies make lists of their clients, from best to worst, and offshore teams are no different. It may seem a bit

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What Type of Software Development Client Are You?

Successful offshore software development is all about match making. Identify a development team that meets the expectations and needs of the client, and vice-versa. It’s all about alignment. In our last post we discussed the pros and cons of different types of offshore software development teams, but that is only half the equation. For a

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