How We Match Clients with the Best Software Teams

Matching clients with the best software teams is both a science and an art – here’s how we do it at SourceSeek.

Each client we work with is unique, as are all the vendors in our network. The key to successful matching is to understand more than just the needs of the client or the skill set of the vendor. If it were that easy, there would be no need for our service!

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Connecting clients with the best software teams requires us to look deeper and find the real motivators, strengths, and personality of each party. We put a lot of time into learning how a client likes to work, what they bring to the table, and their hopes and dreams for a ‘perfect vendor’ from their perspective. The way that the client handles workflow and communications, for example, is a pivotal factor in the software team’s experience.

If there isn’t good alignment between the two parties, stress will emerge and eventually fingers will inevitably be pointed and small problems will quickly turn into big ones.

On the vendor side, we also dive deep by looking at company direction, vision, personality, and more. But we also consider one thing that is frequently forgotten – the vendor’s profit. Only a perfect-fit client will be profitable for a vendor without killing morale on the developer team. Of course, there are plenty of great teams that will accept just about any client because, in most cases, they need the money. But, this isn’t a recipe for a long-lasting and lucrative relationship. Only when there is real mutual benefit can a relationship go long term and maintain quality.

With 20 years of experience working with great clients and the best software teams, we’ve gotten pretty good putting together the ‘happy marriages’ that both clients and vendors want!

Dave Hecker

Co-Founder at SourceSeek at SourceSeek
Dave is a seasoned technology executive focused software delivery, quality, process, and helping clients succeed at international software outsourcing.