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Software Market Report | Eastern Europe

SourceSeek is proud to release our newest data study, SourceSeek Market Report | Eastern Europe. This 37-page report features exclusive data gathered from partners across the globe, and delivers in-depth insights into the software market in Eastern Europe. Inside you’ll find data on pricing, government quality, education levels, and much more to help you make an

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Offshore Software Pricing Guide | 2019

About This Offshore Software Pricing Guide This Offshore Software Pricing Guide was created based on SourceSeek’s experience collaborating with thousands of offshore software developers throughout the world, and over 20 years of outsourcing experience for web, enterprise, and mobile applications for clients in the U.S. We continually collect pricing data from software teams in order

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offshore software development guide 2018

Offshore Software Development Guide 2018

Offshore Software Development Guide Q3 2018 Keeping up with the pace of change in the offshore software development industry can be a challenge. Pricing changes rapidly, teams shift focus to new technologies, and traditional powerhouses face competition from up-and-coming regions. To help you stay on top of the latest trends, SourceSeek pulls data from our

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Outsourcing JavaScript Report 2018 | SourceSeek

Outsourcing JavaScript in 2018 If you’re in the tech world you know that JavaScript is the big thing right now, and outsourcing JavaScript is no different. The promise of a single language for both front-end and back-end work makes JavaScript an attractive proposition for both clients and software development teams. With a wide variety of

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An Insider’s Guide to the Software Outsourcing Industry

SourceSeek is pleased to release the latest edition of Decoded: An Insider’s Guide to the Software Outsourcing Industry. This report leverages information from SourceSeek’s ever-expanding network of experienced offshore development teams to understand industry trends, and help inform offshore clients and vendors alike. As you’ll see below, the offshore software industry, much like the rest

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