During that time, we’ve learned the nuances of culture, regional strengths, and communication style that make or break a software project.

Before founding SourceSeek in 2013, Dave built Sagewing, a successful development agency where we mastered the art of consistently delivering projects on time and within budget using overseas development teams. During this time, we began spending time face to face with our overseas developers, in their offices, and in their countries. We found that this face time paid dividends in terms of better relationships and therefore better projects.

Last year, we spent 13 weeks traveling the world, scouting, certifying, and meeting with the overseas vendors we now match SourceSeek clients with. We’ve found that there is absolutely no substitute for this level of intimate knowledge and the successful long-term matches it allows us to facilitate.


Dave Hecker, Co-Founder

Dave Hecker has been coding and running technical projects for more than three decades. At age 11, Dave was an Apple //e pro and founding member of the first Apple user groups Washington, DC. By his teens, Dave was performing technical support and repair of Apple, VIC20, and early IBM PC computers at a Computerland store after school.

In the mid–90s, Dave served as Senior Developer/Architect for Digital Evolution, purchased by US Interactive. Dave’s team developed one of the first online grocery shopping and delivery systems and installed it at locations throughout the Pacific Rim. He and his team also delivered a range of technology solutions for dozens of F100 and high-profile clients, winning a ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award. The company’s revenues reached $20 million, and offices were established in Hong Kong and Singapore.In 1999 Dave joined Xceed as Director of Technology as the company grew (primarily through acquisitions) to more than 1,000 employees in 13 offices worldwide, engaging with an even larger roster of multinational, F100 companies. He was recognized as an early adopter of modern methodologies such as Agile and RUP, and his leadership resulted in a consistently profitable technology group; the company had revenue of $33 million in 2000.

In 2001, Dave founded Sagewing, emphasizing efficient process and well-managed overseas teams to provide consistent quality and great value to a range of clients, from startups to large multinationals. With a growing reputation for delivering software on time and within budget, Dave emerged as a leading process/methodology advisor and outsourcing partner, and the company was profitable every quarter. Dave has also been an advisor and CTO to multiple startups. He is currently based in Denver with his wife and son.


John Lema, Co-Founder

John Lema is a seasoned software executive and consultant with a specialty in product development, corporate development, enterprise architecture and mobile applications. Deep experience in many verticals including commercial and retail banking, insurance, human resources, supply chain management, and publishing.

John served as the Chief Executive Officer of ScrollMotion Inc. until December 2012. John’s obsession with software design, performance, usability, and architecture has served him well over two decades consulting in business process and enterprise software. His past customers have included automakers Toyota and Mazda, retail banks such as Lexus and Zions Bank, numerous federal and local government agencies, JetBlue, and Microsoft.