The SourceSeek Difference

Ever heard of the 13th month pay rule in the Philippines? Did you know that many teams in India prefer to start work later in the morning and work well into the evening?

Or that teams in Belarus dress and communicate very formally during initial meetings to show their commitment to a project? How much do .Net developers charge in Romania? Are they more cost-effective than, say, a team based in Colombia or Vietnam?

It’s our business to know these things.

Organizational transparency, development quality, and cultural sensitivity underpin SourceSeek’s approach. Our founder, Dave Hecker has successfully helped big brands like Toyota, IBM, and Microsoft navigate the challenges of offshore development.

SourceSeek can do the same for your business.

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Dave Hecker

Dave brings decades of experience delivering growth-focused CTO services for startups and mid-size companies across multiple verticals and technology domains. The bulk of his career has been in professional services, providing technology leadership at software companies with a heavy focus on distributed team optimization and international software development markets. As Fractional CTO for literally hundreds of clients ranging from tiny startups to huge organizations, Dave has matched hundreds founders and investors with ideal offshore teams with nearly 100% success.


John Lema

John Lema is a seasoned software executive and consultant with a specialty in product development, corporate development, enterprise architecture and mobile applications. Experience in many verticals including commercial and retail banking, insurance, human resources, supply chain management, and publishing.

VP Growth

Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer has spent the entirety of his career working in the software industry in product development and growth related roles. He has an M.S. in Business Analytics, and enjoys using data to drive growth and improve client outcomes. Throughout his career Dave has worked with software teams across the globe, and is a vocal proponent of offshore development. He is deeply passionate about sandwiches, skiing, and travel.

Vendor Liaison

Mary Grace Mondilla

Mary loves helping people. Before becoming the Vendor Liaison at SourceSeek, Mary spent over three years as a Customer Service Champion for a major telco company and an executive assistant to the CEO of a startup company. Now, she spends her time building relationships with great software teams from around the world. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and reading mystery novels in her free time.