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Whether you’re a startup founder, small-business owner, or Fortune 100 manager, you can’t afford to waste time looking for software developers. You need to focus on your business, not finding development teams.

At SourceSeek, we’ve scoured the globe for years interviewing thousands of offshore development companies to build relationships with the best firms.

In under a week, we match you with the perfect development team from across the technology universe, for free.


All clients are unique. There is no algorithm or cookie-cutter formula to matching clients and vendors. We dive deep into clients’ true needs - from tech stack to culture and workstyle and make them a perfect match.


We only work with teams that we’ve visited onsite, and have successfully completed projects with in the past. We travel the word vetting the world’s best software teams so that you don’t have to.


For over 20 years, we’ve been involved in software outsourcing, from both a client and a vendor perspective. Having been on both sides of the equation, we know how to create lasting, productive partnerships between clients and vendors.

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What Makes SourceSeek Different


It’s not enough to get recommendations from friends or colleagues, use a matching algorithm, or rely upon anonymous review sites. To form lasting and productive partnerships, clients and teams need to have compatible skills, experience, culture, communication and work style. To really know if you are compatible with a software vendor, you need you need to meet them in person and really get to know them.

Unfortunately, can’t fly around the world interviewing management teams, developers and former clients. You have a business to run.

At SourceSeek, that is all we do. We’ve spent 20 years traveling the world, and have developed a network of proven offshore development teams that we know and trust.

We don’t rely on anonymous reviews. We don’t use social proof. We don’t recommend the highest bidder. We use the millions of miles we’ve flown across the globe to build genuine relationships with elite software teams.

We’ve vetted thousands of teams, so you don’t have to.